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Account Resolver (ERP)

Accounting Software for Business Institution.

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POS Software

This Software for Shop/ Super Shop or small business

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We provide exclusive Website for your Institution

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Software features of Account Resolver

Reports Module

Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Cash & Bank Balance, Debtor Balance, Creditor Balance, Capitals Accounts Balance, Loan Accounts Balance, Stock Report, Expense Report, Income Report, Fixed Assets, Cash & Bank Ledger, Capital Account Ledger, Debtor Account Ledger, Creditor account Ledger, Sales Account Ledger, Purchase Account Ledger, Service Expense Ledger, Service Income Ledger, Sales Return Ledger, Purchase Return Ledger, Tax Account Ledger, Debtor Receipt Report, Creditor Payment Report, Journal Record, Contra Record, Sales Record, Sales Return Record, Purchase Record, Purchase Return Record, Manufacturing Record, Salary Report, Monthly Salary Report.

Accounts Module

Journal Entry, Contra Entry, Creditor Payment Entry, Debtor Receipt Entry, Expense Entry, Income Entry, Account Entry.

Order Module

Sales Order Entry, Purchase Order Entry, Sales Order Voucher, Purchase Order Voucher, Sales Order Record, Purchase Order Record.

Sales Module

Sales Entry, Sales Return Entry, Sales Voucher, Sales Return Voucher, Sales Record, Sales Return Record.

Service Module

Service Entry, Service Expense Entry, Service Voucher, Service Expense Voucher, Service Record, Service Expense Record.

Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing Journal Entry, Manufacturing Journal Voucher, Manufacturing Journal Record.

Purchase Module

Purchase Entry, Purchase Return Entry, Purchase Voucher, Purchase Return Voucher, Purchase Record, Purchase Return Record.

Inventory Module

Item Stock Report, Item Ledger, Item Transfer Entry, Item Adjustment Entry, Adjustment Record, Transfer Record, Transfer Pending Record, Transfer Receive Record.

HR & Payroll Module

Salary Payment Entry, Attendance Entry, Employee Entry, Department Entry, Designation Entry, Salary Report, Monthly Salary Report, Employee Salary Voucher.

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